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This section contains programming tutorials/articles that are useful for programming older computers. Most the information here can also be used on more modern computer systems, as well as older computers. If you have any comments, suggestions, or want to submit your own tutorial, please either email us (the author of the article, or contact us) or post a message on the Uncreativelabs.net forums.

The articles

Assembly in Qbasic by Anonymous101.
A simple example of how to use assembly code in qbasic, describing how to use the mouse in QB though asm code.

Parallel port control in QB by Anonymous101.
A very simple example of how to use the parallel port to monitor and control real-world devices (NOT printers).

Using the IBM PC's Cassette/Tape port in DOS by Anonymous101.
Although not yet about programming, this page contains a download and instructions to use the 5150's cassette port

Using TCP/IP in qbasic by Anonymous101.
How to use TCP/IP from qbasic to connect to an IRC server

Quick Basic 4.5 Graphics. Tutorial #1 - The basics by harshbarj.
Intoduction to graphis in Quick Basic 4.5 (also works in Qbasic)

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