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We'd like to welcome you to Uncreative Labs. If you have a question regarding old computers, please feel free to post them in the forum, http://forums.uncreativelabs.net. We will try our best to answer any and all questions submitted.


Uncreativelabs is pleased to announce that we are now providing mirrors of Total Hardware 99 (http://www.uncreativelabs.de/th99/) and the ftp archive of mpoli.fi (http://www.uncreativelabs.de/ftp.mpoli.fi/, as rar archive)

History of Uncreative Labs

Uncreative Labs Corporation was originally founded in March 1993. At that time, its prime directive was to design simple programs using BasicA and Quick Basic. The original Uncreative Labs website went online in early 1996 with Waterloo Internet Coop. It was not very impressive and covered very little material.

Uncreative Labs Revision Two was created on February 21, 1998. It contained the IBM PC/XT Club and IBM PC/XT & AT webforum. The IBM PC/XT Club was created in March 1998, and is based on the "386 club" (which, to our knowledge, no longer accepts new members.) Please note that the IBM PC/XT Club is the original IBM PC/XT Club and is NOT to be confused with any imitations.

The IBM PC/XT & AT webforum has brought Uncreative Labs many users over the years, and is probably partially responsible for the approximately 20,000 hits per year Uncreative Labs had been averaging.

Uncreative Labs has made two major moves in recent history, the latest of which involved a change in ownership. The first move Uncreative Labs made was from its host on primary.net and bravenet webforum to uncreativelabs.org. The webforum was changed to a phpBB2 bulletin board, and has been one ever since. During the year or so Uncreative Labs was on uncreativelabs.org, Peter Holowaty lost interest in maintaining the site. The leases expired on the hosting and domain name. The domain name uncreativelabs.org was leased by an individual with no connections to Uncreative Labs, and with no plans to use it for Uncreative Labs. Eventually, uncreativelabs.net was leased, and the site moved to its current location. (Please note: Peter Holowaty and Stephen Pearce are no longer directly involved with Uncreative Labs.) In late March, 2005, uncreativelabs.org was reacquired by Uncreative Labs. That domain now points to the current Uncreative Labs site. Please feel free to use either domain name.

In our plans to rebuild Uncreative Labs, we have gotten help from many people. Harshbarj was gracious enough to allow us to use his message board, and OS Maniac provided free hosting for Uncreative Labs. T-R-A acquired our domain name, and several others not mentioned here have contributed to the content of the site. Thanks to everyone who has helped make Uncreative Labs possible!

Most of the site has been rebuilt from scratch by the members of the Uncreative Labs project. Please don't look for updates on a regular basis, as the site is being worked on in our spare time.

Uncreative Labs project members:

Puckdropper -- Personal Website
harshbarj -- Personal Website

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