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Helping Newbies Become Users


Are you looking for good how-to articles to help using your computer, or to help someone use their computer? If so, you have come to the right place. The authors of the how-to articles are trying to do just that. Our goal is to produce a guide that someone can read, understand, and use. Please note that there will be no programming how-tos here, as they belong in the programming section. (Link.)

The how-tos here vary in the expected knowledge level of the user. A simple rating system will be used to help you determine the level of knowledge required.

The ratings are as follows:
Newbie (Basic): Someone who is very new to using computers. User (Normal): Someone who is able to successfully use a computer for everyday tasks (web surfing, typing, playing Solitare, etc...) Power-User (Advanced): Someone who is able to successfully use a computer to do almost any task.

For the New User:

Are you new to the whole computer thing? Do you know someone who is, but don't have the time (or patience) to teach them? Take the time to read through these guides, and if you wish, print them out and distribute them. (This can be done so long as the author is given proper credit. Simply print the whole guide and distribute it, and you won't have a problem.)

Rating: Newbie. Glossary of Terms by Matt Brault
This is a glossary of the terms defined in the guides below. There has been no attempt to make the glossary completely inclusive, it's just the words and definitions extracted from the guides below.

Rating: Newbie. How to Use a Mouse by Matt Brault
This guide was written for newbies, and maybe for users who never learned. ;-) There's some terminology contained in here, so it's worth a look.

Rating: Newbie. Introduction to the Computer (Part 1) by Matt Brault

Rating: Newbie. Introduction to the Computer (Part 2) by Matt Brault
This series of guides introduces a new user to the computer, and describes the hardware common in computers today, as well as a basic introduction to how the computer works.

Rating: Newbie. The Windows Metaphor--Explained. by Matt Brault
This isn't exactly a how-to, but rather an explanation of what you see using the Windows Graphical User Interface. This wasn't completely written with newbies in mind, so it's possible you may come across a term you do not know. Please feel free to look it up, or ask on the forums. (Link.)


Seting up microsoft networking in MS-DOS By Anonymous101

Rating: User. How to use Windows FTP by Matt Brault.

Seting up a DOS Webserver using EZ-NOS By Anonymous101

Getting more from your computer

Rating: User. Recording Audio By Matt Brault
Do you want to convert your tape collection to CD? Do you have a special song you recorded that you want your brother 500 miles away to hear in an hour? This how-to steps you through the process of recording Audio with your computer, which you can then do with as you please.

Maintaining your PC

How to remove spyware from your PC By Tom S.
Spyware programs often install on your system without your knowledge, then they begin to spy on you, reporting your activities to a server somewhere. This how to describes the process to remove it.

Request for Help

We need your help. If there's a subject not covered, and you'd like to write a guide to it, contact us (you can also PM Puckdropper on the Forums) suggesting your subject. If we're not working on a similar subject, we'll gladly accept your contribution. Please give your how-to a suggested rating, and provide all information to upload the how-to to Uncreative Labs.

If you wish to contribute a how-to, but not format it in HTML, please type it in plain text, double spacing between paragraphs, and we'll be glad to format it for you.

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